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2 Pack Waterproof Spiral Notebook All Weather Paper Outdoor Rain Notepad

0.25 LBS
$13.99 - $26.99


All Weather Waterproof Notebook Tactical Paper Rain Outdoor Note Pad 2 Pack

  • PVC front and back covers insulate the waterproof notebook pages from the effects of extreme weather
  • Writing will not smear or wipe off from water, sweat, humidity, grease, or anything else
  • All weather field notebook lined paper will not disintegrate no matter how wet
  • Perfect for soldiers, tactical professionals, camping enthusiasts, or anybody who wants a reliable weatherproof notebook
  • Write with a pencil or all-weather pen to keep your notes intact; standard ballpoint pens will work only when the paper is dry


  • Coyote Brown 3" x 5" (4078 2PACK)
  • Coyote Brown 4" x 6" (44800 2PACK)
  • Coyote Brown 8.5" x 11" (44700 2PACK)
  • Green 3" x 5" (470 2PACK)
  • Green 4" x 6" (4603 2PACK)
  • Green 6" x 8" (463 2PACK)
  • Black 3" x 5" (47000 2PACK)
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