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Our Story


Army Universe® and ARMYU® is a online army navy store featuring tactical, military, camouflage, camping and outdoor products established in 2008. Our original retail store was founded as Main Army & Navy in 1951 in New York City selling original military surplus and army uniforms. The store was renamed in the 1980's to Galaxy Army Navy™ and the brand name has been in use ever since. Our humble beginnings started in Flushing New York, U.S.A. in a small 400 square foot store. Today, we are a multi-generational family operated company who cherishes our roots and continues to focus in our niche market. 

Army Universe® originally started as just an army navy store offering military surplus and work clothing, we now retail and wholesale a wide-range products in the army navy, military, tactical, camouflage, uniform, law enforcement, police, security, public safety, camping and outdoor fields, paintball and airsoft sports. We build strong partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers to bring you reliable products and the best customer experience.


Army Navy Store History


Army & Navy store circa 1950's, Flushing, NY.


Main Army & Navy store circa 1980's, Roosevelt & Main St, Flushing, NY.


Galaxy Army & Navy store circa 1990's, Roosevelt & Main St, Koreatown, Flushing, NY.



Galaxy Army & Navy store circa 2000's, 6th Avenue, Midtown, New York NY.cimg0006.jpg

Brooklyn Army Navy store circa 2008, West 8th St, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn NY.


Brooklyn Army Navy store circa 2015-2018, Remsen Ave, Canarsie, Brooklyn NY.brooklyn-army-navy-store-photo-550px-600x600-1-.jpg

Galaxy Army Navy store circa 2022, West 30th St, Manhattan NY.



Brooklyn Army Navy store circa 2018-Present, Remsen Ave, Canarsie, Brooklyn NY.



Brooklyn Embroidery & Printing shop circa 2020-Present, Remsen Ave, Canarsie, Brooklyn NY.





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