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Long Metal Shoe Horn - Stainless Steel 16.5" Strong Shoehorn Boot Remover

0.25 LBS


Stainless Steel Long Shoe Horn - 16.5" (1014)

* Made of High Quality Stainless Steel .
* Hooked End For Increased Grip And Stability Added .
* Length (16.5" X 1.5/8") 
* Makes It Ideal and Easy to Quickly Put On Military Boots, Shoes.

A shoehorn or shoe horn (sometimes called a shoespooner or shoe tongue or boot jack or shoe remover) is a tool that lets the user put on a shoe more easily. It does so by keeping the shoe open and by providing a smooth surface for the foot and the heel to slide into the shoe, without crushing the shoe's counter (the vertical portion of the shoe that wraps around the back of the foot), in this way acting as a first class lever. 

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