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ARMYU 3-Pack Camouflage Jumbo Military Bandana Head Scarf Do-rag 100% Cotton Bandanna Face Cover 27" (Woodland Camouflage)

0.30 LBS


ARMYU 3-Pack Camouflage Jumbo Military Bandana Head Scarf Do-rag 100% Cotton Bandanna Face Cover 27" (4347 WOODLAND 3PACK)

  • 100% cotton
  • No closure closure
  • Soft & comfortable: these camouflage jumbo bandanas are made of high quality and durable cotton that is built to last you for a long time. Softens after every wash. Colors that will last and will not fade if washed properly.
  • Unique army camo designs: exclusive all over camouflage design printed bandana with a one side print. This makes a perfect headband and is great during a workout as a towel or sweatband. Tie is around your head as a head scarf to cover hair or head on a hot sunny day, or on your wrist or hand to use as a sweatband. Makes a great neck guard by tying it before placing it on your head and use to easily cover parts of your face or head at any moment.
  • 3 pack: every pack comes with 3 bandanas included. These are perfect for all occasions like parties, camps, bbqs, get togethers, napkins, table accessory. Makes a great for handkerchief, headband, wristband, head cover, dust mask, while painting or doing crafts, exercise, doo rag, cute accessory for your dog or baby, great for kids to dress as a cowboy.
  • Jumbo size: 27" x 27". Jumbo square bandanas that are sewn on all 4 sides to insure the material will not unravel or fray.
  • Quality & value: get a great deal with this pack and feel good while saving money! These bandanas offer the best quality at the best price!

Armyu 3-pack camouflage jumbo military bandana head scarf do-rag 100% cotton bandanna face cover 27" (woodland camouflage) - these jumbo bananas size allows you to easily fold and tie these biker headwraps however you like. This will surely fit over your head and will definitely cover your face and neck. You can wear them as a bandana, headwrap, doo rag style or face wrap. Use it to clean, or carry it around in your car as a rag. You will love the classic camouflage print on these bandannas and each print is stamped and clear. These bandanas can be utilized in many ways, every single day by almost anyone. Whether you are looking to block the sun on a hot day, or a bandana face wrap for a dog, you can tie these in so many ways. Essential items for almost any camping, hunting enthusiast and a absolute must have. Camo jumbo bandanas are made from 100% cotton which are subject to shrinking. Do not machine wash. Hand wash. Colors may run slightly when washing from the dye of the material. Material will hold colors for a long time if washed carefully and properly.

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