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500 Pack Wholesale P-38 Can Openers Original P38 US Military Type John Wayne

9937 500PACK + A-149
5.00 LBS


500 Pack Wholesale P-38 Can Openers Original P38 US Military Type John Wayne(9937 500PACK + A-149)

* 500 Pieces.
* Fits On Key Chain.
* 1.5" Long.
* Great Tool for backpacking, camping, emergencies, kitchens, travel.
* Dimensions: 1.5" x 5/8" (Inches)
* Tip Extends 0.5"
* MIL-J-0837 Stamped on Can Opener.
* Lightweight, small and useful
* Color: Gray Metal.

One of the smartest & greatest invention of the army. Small & easy to carry around. Faster than a normal can opener if the user has experience. The can opener is a small folding blade used to open canned rations (such as K-rations or C-rations) among many other uses. P38 Can Opener Directions & Instructions: Open Blade. Place opener on top of can and insert sharp edge into the can. Twist down to puncture slot in can top inside rim. Cut top by advancing opener with rocking motion. Take small bites. Sterilize before re-use. Tie string through hole opener to wash and sterilize with mess-gear if possible. When boiling water is unavailable, clean opener as thoroughly as possible and hold cutting blade over a match flame a few seconds immediately before use.

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