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12 Pack Cotton Military Uniform Dress Parade Gloves with Snaps, White or Black

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12 Pack - White or Black Cotton Military Uniform Dress Parade Gloves with Snaps

* Includes 12 Pairs of Gloves.
* Made From 100% Cotton Material
* Unisex
* Comfortable Soft Feel
* Slip on Style
* Full Fashion Design
* No Ornamental Stitching
* Snap Button Closure
* 3 Decorative Tucks For A Cleaner Look
* Offers Formal Look
* Can Be Worn With Tuxedos, Costumes, Waiters, Band Parade Marchers, Formal Dress, Military Parades. Terrific for military, law enforcement, or marching bands.


* White (4410 12 PACK)
* Black (44410 12 PACK)

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